A Halloween Treat

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, no pun intended, I thought I'd offer a small treat...the lost chapter of Seducing Gracie, my latest novella from Changeling Press. I guess that isn't exactly the best way to describe it--more like "cut during the revision process"--but "lost" sounds so much more mysterious and alluring than "cut." lol

The lost (lol) portion was originally Chapter 1; however, it reads more like erotic horror than pure erotica, so after much deliberation, the publisher and I decided to cut it. What follows is a tidbit and a link to my blog to finish it if you like. I'd post more of it here, but it gets a bit sexy in the middle and a little gory--perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Also, on October 31st, I'll be posting a free short story on my blog for erotic horror buffs to enjoy. Until then, here's a bit of Seducing Gracie to satisfy your not-so-sweet tooth. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

He watched her breasts rise and fall, pressing against the clingy peach cloth of her filthy tank top, their motion smooth even though her breathing increased to steady, shallow gasps as he approached. She pressed her face between her white-knuckled grip on the iron bars and peered into the hallway, squinting. The woman sensed him, felt his presence. Too bad for her.

His imagination revved up when he caught her scent. Fresh and human, laced with a hint of fear or excitement. Maybe a blend of both. Her kind thrived on either. He pictured torturing her nipples with his sharp teeth until she moaned, and nipping his way up the tan skin of her calves to her soft thighs and further on.

Read more at Cameo Brown's Erotica.


Sondrae Bennett said...

It does read like a horror novel but I love your author voice. Can't wait to read he short story on Halloween!

Cameo Brown said...

Thanks, Sondrae! I had fun with it. Hope you enjoy Miss Witch--she's, um, different. lol Happy Halloween!
PS Lovely name. :)