Hot Green

I love this week's topic because the very first erotic novella I wrote, Second Nature, is nothing but "green,"meaning pro-environment. It's about an activist, Claret McDaniel, trying to resist her attraction to the developer who plans to ruin the land that she loves. After a particularly close encounter with the enigmatic Graham, Claret decides to stage a protest to distance herself from him but lands right in his very capable and sexy hands.

This story had been fermenting in my head since a trip through the mountains of Virginia, and when it finally found its way out through the keyboard, I got to enjoy integrating my love of all things geologic and natural with one of the most base desires to ever drive man--passion. In this case, green passion.

Here's a sample...

"Claret, wait," Graham commanded.

She turned to face him, terrified now that they were alone in the parking lot of the restaurant. He must have seen the fear in her eyes, because his face softened and he stepped protectively toward her.

"I won’t hurt you…," he began.

"You’re damn right there, buddy," she spat and stomped on his foot.

A howl of pain and surprise burst out as Graham dropped deftly to his knee and grabbed his foot. Claret knew she should move, but she didn’t. Any other man would have doubled over or hopped around or something—maybe even hit her—but Graham looked like a knight kneeling before a queen, except he was furiously rubbing his foot and breathing profanity.

That howl had sounded as if it came straight from the wild. An odd feeling overtook her. She felt a sudden urge to reach down and take Graham’s head in her arms, to hold him to her breasts, to apologize.

To give in to his desire.

Graham looked up as the last thought passed through her mind, and Claret gulped. Not a very feminine thing to do, but Graham didn’t seem to mind. In one smooth move, he stood and pinned her to her Chevy POS with his hard, muscular body.

He was of a commanding height, and held her gaze as his left hand pressed the small of her back toward him, inching her hips next to his.

Graham’s right hand slid down her leg in a light caress, finding the hem of her simple A-line skirt and then lifting it with ease. His hand explored her thigh, his fingers gently massaging their way toward the heated curls between them.

"We’re… in… the parking lot," Claret managed to rasp as Graham’s fingers slipped into her panties and found her soft curls.

She moaned and tried to think of how to resist him. But her body betrayed her as Graham’s finger slid easily between her swollen lips, his gaze still steady and now heated. His heady scent filled her nostrils, a mix of fresh pine and pure, clean spring water.

"The world is ours, dearest," he whispered.

This is also one of the first books I ever made a trailer for, and although it might be a bit amateurish, it was a great learning experience. If anything, there are some cool nature pics included. :)


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