Travel Close to Home

by Kristin Daniels

When it comes to traveling, what’s a homebody to do?

And that is often my predicament. I’m a homebody, through and through. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to travel, but hmmm… I guess it means I’m not what you would call a huge fan of it. Or maybe I just haven’t been to the right places, LOL.

I love my vacations, don’t get me wrong, but I’m more of a “Hey, let’s get away for the weekend” kind of girl than the “Let’s plan a two-week non-stop tour of Europe” type. So my favorite vacays are:

The one week we spend every year on Florida’s Panhandle (heaven on a beach right there).

We rent the same house every year, and I love it. You walk off the deck and you step into the whitest sand. And the sunsets? Amazing.

Throw in some wonderful friends, and that’s a week my entire family can’t wait for!

Then there’s those quick, 4 day cruises to Mexico. The similar white sand beaches once you get there, but then getting there’s half the fun! And when your husband stops a couple cute guys to snap your picture with (taken with the same wonderful friend from the Florida trip!), you’ve got yourself a great little getaway! (And I know I'm short... You don't have to tell me! In my own defense though, everyone else was REALLY tall!)

But then sometimes we like to just chill and spend a few days lounging in our RV. This is our little home away from home (all the luxuries crammed into one tiny place, LOL) where we spend our summer get-the-hell-away-from-the-city weekends. And for you non-nature lovers, don't knock it til you tried it! I have a killer shower, AC and a microwave, and I still get to listen to the owls at night and the woodpeckers in the morning. The best of both worlds!

So yes, I like to travel, but for me? Make it quick, make it often, and of course, make it fun! Thanks for letting me share my "Close to Home" travels!

And on a completely different side note, I wanted to let everyone know about my most recent release. Lily's War (a story near and dear to my heart) came out this past Wednesday with Ellora's Cave. I hope you get a chance to check it out! Thanks!


Nicole North said...

Wonderful pics Kristin! I love those close to home vacations too! That white sand beach looks so inviting!
Congratulations on the release!

Carly Carson said...


I'm actually a homebody myself. I love those kinds of trips you describe which are not too complicated, but you have a lot of fun.


Kristin Daniels said...

Nicole, that particular beach is so awesome! Like I said, it's the one vacation that our whole family looks forward to. As soon as we come home from it, the countdown for the next year starts, LOL. And thanks for the congrats, I'm really excited about Lily's War being released!

Kristin Daniels said...

Carly, Yep, simple, easy trips are for me! My husband travels to China a lot, and he said his goal was to get me over there with him by the end of the year. But a 14 hour flight (for someone who doesn't really like to fly...) is just not something I want to do. A lot of people have called me crazy for that reasoning!

Natasha Moore said...

Wish a white sandy beach was close by :)

We'll be spending most of the long weekend in our RV. Like you we have all the comforts of home there, including satellite TV. :)

Great pix, Kristin!

Terry Spear said...

We stayed at the beaches there at Venture Out. Really loved it!