My Seasonal Pleasure

I have to be honest; I was very much like Kristin over this topic. I wracked my brain over the last week trying to figure out what I was going to discuss. Panic slowly crept in as my day came closer and closer and no idea would spark. Then this morning, when I opened my eyes, it hit me.

I’m also not much for guilt, unless I’ve done something BAD, and then I can be riddled with it. So it’s very hard for me to combine the two words guilt and pleasure. However, I do have something I do that I know is bad for me and my husband disapproves of, but I do it anyways.

I love the tanning bed.

There I said it. I am a tanning bed freak. I love to have all my flaws (and I have LOTS!) hidden behind dark skin. Ladies, you know what I am talking about. We all have those pesky marks somewhere on our body that blaze “Look at me!” on our pasty white skin, but once we get that slightest color it fades. It helps make me feel better about wearing those dang sleeveless shirts and moving from pants to shorts in the summer. Here in the south, the less clothes you wear the better.

The camouflage isn’t the only reason I tan. I love how I can wear less makeup. I go from foundation and all the works in the winter to a little eyeliner and mascara. Heck yeah!

AND it is the one time that is mine. LOL. Lying in that bed, the glowing blue lights around me, my little glasses perched on my eyes is peaceful time. No kids screaming, no chaotic household, nothing. Just me and whatever music is playing.

I know tanning is bad for me. I do. I swear. But it is something I do because it makes me feel good in my confidence and my appearance.

So do any of you know something is bad for you, but do it anyway?



Nicole North said...

I love having a tan but I rarely get a good one anymore. I only tried a tanning bed once several years ago and I got these weird spots on one of my hands, which scared me. So I never used one again. I do like to have a tan on my legs because it hides some of the flaws like you said. I generally just sit with my legs in the sun for about 30 minutes per time. Since Kristin said I don't have to feel guilty about chocolate, I think my biggest guilt will be wasting time watching TV when I should be writing. LOL

Natasha Moore said...

Ive used tanning beds before because I also like to get a little color on my white legs. Here in the north, I rarely get a tan on my legs without a little help.

Other things I do that I know is bad for me? Um, how about the bacon I ate for breakfast this morning?

Carol Ericson said...

I'm definitely a sun worshipper! Alas, I don't stretch out on the beach in my bathing suit anymore because I've already done enough damage to my skin. Here in So Cal, a mile from the beach, the sun is unavoidable, so I usually have some color on my arms and legs - but I freckle, so I don't get that nice, even brown tan anyway. And now I slather my face in sunscreen and when I'm at the beach, I wear a visor or sit under an umbrella to shade my face. My husband is always chiding me for sitting in the sun in the backyard reading, even though I'm wearing a hat and sunscreen. I wouldn't mind trying one of those spray tans...

Anne Rainey said...

I've never gone in for tanning. Mostly because I have to be careful with my left arm. Long story there, I won't bore you. But I do like the sunless tanners. My husband says they're a waste of money, but I like to at least have the exposed parts a little tan. Otherwise I'm just SO pale!