The Beautiful State of Maine

A few years ago my husband and I decided to start taking better vacations. We used to just go to a local water park or something, stay a few days at a nice hotel then come home. But as the kids got older we decided to try and make the most of our vacation time. To give them something to remember when they're grown and gone.

So, two years ago we went to Bar Harbor, Maine. We took an entire week and drove up. We stayed at a little place that had two bedrooms and an outdoor pool. The place was nice, not great, but nice. The best part of the vacation wasn't the hotel, but the area. I've never been in such a beautiful state before. There was so much to see!

This is one of the shores. It was so rustic here, we felt like we'd stepped back in time. Really cool!

My daughters at the top of Cadillac Mt. This is reallllly high. I'm afraid of heights, but the view was worth the trembling legs. LOL
My husband and daughter went out fishing. It was really neat because Alisha was the only girl on the boat so the captain (in the background) let her steer. She thought that was pretty cool.
Standing on the pier watching the boats coming and going. I don't know why, but I discovered I loved watching the boats.

This is another area where it seemed so 'out of this world'. My muse was in overdrive as I watched the waves crashing against the rocks.
Sunrise on Cadillac Mt. There is NOTHING so beautiful!After Bar Harbor, we drove up to Niagra Falls. This is the view from our hotel. Unlike in Bar Harbor this hotel was freaking awesome. We felt rich, lol!Slightly out of order, but this is me and the girls at a light house in Maine. I insisted we see a lighthouse! Please ignore the scars on my arm. Usually I wear longer sleeves when having my picture taken.We couldn't come home from Canada without visiting a winery. The folks here welcomed us. Told us the history of the winery and let us sample several varieties. It was a really neat thing to experience. And I've discovered I love ice wine, something I haven't had since this trip. I need to place an order or something!

Last year we went to Michigan and while it was a fun trip, I think this year we're going to head back to Bar Harbor. We had more fun on this vacation than any we've ever had. Only this time we hope to stay longer and see more of Maine!


Nicole North said...

Beautiful pics!! Now I want to go to Maine! I love the rocky shoreline. It reminds me of Scotland. Very picturesque place!

Carly Carson said...

Love your pictures. If you go back, check out the camping at Acadia National Park. Bar Harbor is amazing. Like most of Maine, the water is not really suitable for swimming so it keeps the crowds down.


Terry Spear said...

Woohoo, I set Legend of the White Wolf in Maine! Loved the pictures of the interior of the state too. :) In the wintertime, perfect for a bunch of Arctic wolves...uhm, werewolves. :)