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I resisted Pinterest for a long time. What a time suck, I thought. Spending hours looking at pictures when I should be writing? It sounded more like a tool of procrastination.

Then I discovered I could set up boards for each book I was writing. Add visual cues. Research settings. And when I needed to refresh my memory, the board was only a click away.

When I started doing research on the Tuscan area of Italy, an area similar to where My Royal Bodyguard was set, I wanted to find pictures of small villages. Sprawling landscape. Villas and flower boxes. Bars and markets. Olive trees. Platinum rings. And kisses in the rain.

I got it all with Pinterest. And the cool thing is that it's there to share with anyone who would be interested. I'd love you to check it out. And you can follow me if you like. I'm setting up boards now for all my stories.

If you've read Her Royal Bodyguard (Her Royal Romance book #2), you'll see many images you'll recognize from the story. And if you haven't read it yet, the images just might be enough of a tease to prompt you to give it a try.

And for one more tease, here's a little excerpt from Her Royal Bodyguard:

As soon as they left the dress shop, Rico slipped his arm around the princess’s waist and Angelina melted against him. She couldn’t help it. She feared she was already embracing this fantasy too much. But they only took two steps when Rico pressed her up against the wall of the neighboring building. She gasped in surprise and looked up at him, expecting a smile. A kiss, perhaps. The dark frown on his face was not what she thought she’d see.

“You are supposed to keep a low profile,” he growled. “Not dress in something…” he brushed his fingers along the fabric skimming her thighs, “made to draw attention. And those shoes. What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that if the shoes drew all the attention, if the dress looked this good, then no one would bother looking at my face.”

“No chance, Princess.”

She pouted. “I guess I’m not as good at this undercover work as I thought.” In all honesty, she hadn’t been thinking about avoiding detection at all when she chose this outfit. She’d been thinking about Rico and what he would think of the dresses she’d tried on. She’d thought about how her legs would look in those shoes. She’d wanted to get his attention. “Sorry. I can go back and change.”

His expression softened. “No. It’s okay. If Gina didn’t recognize you, we are probably safe.”

Angelina placed her hand on his cheek. The rough stubble on his jaw tickled her palm. And she liked it. “Thank you for looking out for me.” He opened his mouth to respond and she slid her hand across his lips to silence him. “And don’t you dare say it’s your job.”


She leaned forward, fisted her hands in his shirt and kissed him to stop the words from making it out into the air. She knew she shouldn’t pretend that Rico wasn’t here at her father’s command. But she didn’t want to think about the fact that he didn’t necessarily want to be pressed up against her body. That he didn’t want to kiss her and call her Lucia and pretend to be her husband.

This time was hers. For the first time Angelina was free to simply be a young woman. Right now, she wasn’t a member of royalty under scrutiny every moment. She didn’t have to worry about dodging cameras and pretending not to care that she had no privacy. For the moment she could kiss a man on a public street and know that a picture wouldn’t appear in a tabloid tomorrow.

So with every ounce of freedom she possessed, the princess of Mezzano held tight to her bodyguard’s soft cotton shirt and drank him in. She let her heart race, her body heat. She let go of all the restrictions and expectations she’d always had to deal with because of her title, and for a moment, a young woman named Angelina simply kissed a man called Rico.

He moaned, his breath mingling with hers. He threaded his fingers in her hair. When the sunglasses still propped on top of her head got in the way, Rico slipped them off. The bag holding her clothes bounced against her shoulder. She didn’t care. Rico leaned into her, his hot body pressing her into the hard, rough stone at her back. She didn’t care.

They might only have today. If the palace security team was as good as she’d always thought they were, as she knew they were, the guilty party could be in custody right now. She and Rico could be turning around and returning home at any time.

Her fists tightened on his shirt. She wasn’t ready to give him up yet.

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