Zoos and Wildlife Parks

Is this a face only a mother could love?

And if you came across this in the shadows, you would barely see it. Actually, I couldn't see him, the alpha black wolf that he was, because the shadows were so deep. I could see him with the camera though.

And here, black necked swans. I've seen white and black, but never black necked swans. :)

When I was going to my daughter's zoo in Houston, her coworkers wanted to know why we were going to the zoo since she doesn't have kids. "Well," she said. "You know my mother is a romance writer."

They smile. They know there's got to be a punchline.

"She writes about wolf shifters and jaguar shifters and researches them."

They want to meet me. LOL

And so that's my story. I love seeing the animals, taking pictures and doing research.

And who knows when one of the other animals I come across doesn't end up in a story? Do you like to go to zoos?

Have a great Saturday!!! Off to rewrite the synopsis on A Hero of a Highland Wolf because the story is done and it needs an updated synopsis. Hate them! :) Love writing the book, but not the synopsis. How can I can condense a book that I wrote 3 books again into a 1,000 words?


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