New Year...New Start

Happy New Years, everyone!!! I'm wishing everyone a fabulous 2014!!

2013 ended on a bang for me. FIGHTING LOVE released yesterday and it was a pretty awesome day. Fighting Love made it to #2 on Amazon's Hot New Releases list. And got into the 600's with overall ranking. Top Ten in Series and Top 100 in Contemporary Romance. Pretty sweet way to end a rough year.

Now its a new year...fresh starts. Literally. I'll be moving in nine days into a small rental house with just me and my kids. New journey for the three of us. I've had roommates for the last three years--my best friend and her boyfriend. It's going to be weird not having a houseful around me. Really weird. I'm preparing myself for the adjustment. Right now though my concentration is trying to extract three years of our stuff (namely my kids stuff) that has become grouped with their stuff. It amazing really how all of our stuff has just become communal, especially the toys. I'll hold something up and can't remember if its mine or theirs and when I ask, they aren't sure either. So its been a process.

On top of that, I'm refinishing furniture for my kids to have in the bedroom. I'm LOVING this. It's time consuming, but they are getting to have some stuff that is personalized and I'm not spending a fortune. Pinterest is freaking awesome I have to say. I learn about things like Mod Podge.
Here is the project I did for my son:

This is an old side table I already owned.
After painting and cutting up a Skylanders Poster
Used the Mod Podge to adhere the cut out pieces then put on the varnish

I'm also working on a dresser for my daughter. This one is still a work in progress.

Got this baby at Goodwill for 40 bucks
Painted the black drawers with chalkboard paint
My next project will be another dresser for my son that we bought at Goodwill for $30. We are going to attempt using comic books to put on the drawers. If it works, its going to be AWESOME!!! If it doesn't, I still think it will look better than it does now. LOL.

I've really enjoyed myself doing these.

Now a quick promo:
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Vonda Sinclair said...

Sounds like an awesome story! And I love the furniture! Good luck with your move.