When I Grow Up, I Want to Be...

As a season of hope approaches with the coming of Easter, I find myself thinking of a new job and new adventures. It could be because my frustrations with my current job have gotten me thinking about moving on, or it could be a good old mid-life crisis brewing. Or maybe it's the spring vibe inspiring me to think of things beyond my everyday normal mode.

Did you ever wonder what you'd do if you hadn't done what you did? Profession-wise, I mean? I've been pondering it quite a bit lately. I've not ever regretted being a writer, but it's my other occupation that doesn't seem to suit me anymore, or perhaps I just don't suit it.

Oh, what do I want to be when I go up?

I could be Mrs. Santa Claus, but that would upset my husband a bit since he probably doesn't want to share me with the Jolly Old Elf himself. I thought about being a go-go dancer, but I'm guessing that requires perkier bosoms and less belly flab. I could just lie to both Santa and my DH and become a go-go dancing Mrs. Claus. I know it sounds odd, but at one time I thought it would be cool (no pun intended) to be married to Kris Kringle and to live in a magical world devoted to cheering people up. What a great gig! And all the cookies I could eat, too.

Still, the North Pole is cold and I've grown into a warm weather kind of gal. Yep, warm weather and the ocean--that's for me. So maybe I should look into treasure hunting? Like salvaging. I'd have to learn how to dive first, but, wow, how great would it be to work outside all day trying to find treasure claimed by the sea years ago?

I've always kind of wondered what it would be like to be a magician or an illusionist. I'm terrible at sleight of hand, though, and I'm sure my audience would figure out my tricks or illusions and stampede for the door. Speaking of which, could I be a cowgirl? I do like horses, but I don't know how to mend fences or ride the range, so probably not.

What else is there? Soooo much. Too much! But I will find something...something. How about you? If you could be anything right now, this minute, what would it be? Please do share!

Happy Reading,

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