Flaunt It is FREE until March 28th!

I'm so excited that Flaunt It was chosen by Samhain to be part of their Giveaway program! Until March 28th, the first story in my Paolo's Playhouse series is free to download from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony! If you haven't checked out this short sexy read yet, this would be the perfect time.

He’ll put her on display, if that’s what it takes to keep her…
Paolo’s Playhouse, Book 1

When it comes to sexy and sassy, Piper, the most popular waitress at Ben’s bar, has it all going on. Now that they’re dating, though, Ben wishes she’d dial down the skimpy clothes and flirty attitude, and her habit of dancing around the bar and flashing to her favorite song. Every teasing peek at her body, every laugh at some customer’s lousy joke, is certainly good for business—but it sends his jealousy meter into the red zone.

Sure, they’re dating, but he’s no muscled, tattooed stud with diamonds in his ears. How can he compete, especially when she refuses to even spend the night at his place?

Desperate, Ben books a room at his friend Paolo’s fantasy club, hoping an erotic night in front of a two-way mirror will get her exhibitionist streak out of her system. Praying it won’t prove his greatest fear—that she lives only to show off. And he’s not that special to her at all…

Product Warnings

Flirting and pole dancing, hot sex and showing off for an invisible audience. Stop by the playhouse and live out your fantasies!

Reviewers have had great things to say about Flaunt It:

"I would highly recommend this short story to anyone that wants it fast and delicious." Marika

"Having read a couple of Ms. Moore's other books, I was really looking forward to reading this short story, and let me just say this book does not disappoint. The plot is fast-paced and enthralling..." Bec, The Romance Studio

Feel free to pass on the news to anyone you think would like to try out this sexy, emotional little story. What a great opportunity!


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