Can You Feel It?

It’s in the air! Spring is coming. Oh, I know winter might have one last show of bluster, but spring is everywhere, staking claim to the earth and her inhabitants. And none too soon, either. I think people, even though the winter’s been mild, have cabin fever to the Nth degree. I base this on the fact that the minute the temperature rose above 32 degrees, the shorts and tank tops came out, along with the flip flops, which never really went away, actually.

There’s nothing like a change in the seasons to lighten the mood and inject some joy into the day. So instead of grumbling about having to try on my bikinis from last year, I’m choosing to focus on what I love most about spring because…well, why not?

1. Bunnies—I always liked bunnies, but now that I’m addicted to , where they regularly feature photos of rabbits as big as dogs (scroll down to Super Bun to see what I mean), I’ve learned to appreciate them more than ever.

2. Flowers—No, they’re not all blooming yet, but they’re getting there and it’s going to be a gorgeous show. Reds, pinks, purples, blues, and all the other hues that decorate gardens in our neighborhood and beyond present quite a dramatic sight that takes my breath away. This year we ARE getting flowers (we say that every year and then time gets away from us) to enjoy with our friends and neighbors.

3. The Blue Sky—I don’t mind a cloudy day or two, but the winter drearies can just be too much! The lovely blue of a cloudless sky is a color like no other, and I can’t help but smile when I see it.

4. Sunshine—How I’ve missed this! It seemed there for a while that everywhere I went I was cold, chilled to the bone. However, a dose of warm sunshine takes the edge off in a way not even hot cocoa can.

5. Tree buds—Yeah, my sinuses and I know they cause allergies, but they are so nice to see after months of barren trees, and they signal the re-birth of the earth is on its way.

6. Urges—Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean the creative ones. I find the stories are popping into my head faster than I can write the ideas down. It’s great to sense the muse around, ready to make mischief, and there’s no time like the spring to start a new story. Speaking of which…

I promised myself some writing time tonight. I’ve got a cougar story percolating that just won’t let me rest. I hope you’re enjoying the impending seasonal rotation and burst of spring we’re about to experience. What do you like most about it? Please do share!

Happy Reading,

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Savannah Chase said...

Oh yes, it has been warm here. Nearing the 20's. We had to weed the garden because flowers were starting to already come up...