Looking for Computer Suggestions

I've had my Toshiba laptop for six years and the old girl has been very good to me. When I bought this computer I hadn't even signed my first contract yet. I've written most of my releases on this keyboard. Set up my website, communicated with readers and editors and other writers with this computer. But it's starting to let me down.

So before it totally crashes and dies, I need to start shopping for a new laptop. There are so many choices out there that it's easy to be overwhelmed. And besides the many brands of PCs, there is the on-going Mac vs PC debate.

I know what I want. First and foremost I need to write on it. But while I'm writing, I like to have Twitter open. And listen to music on Pandora. And run focusbooster, so I don't get sucked into the internet for too long. And while doing all this, I don't want the computer to slow down to a crawl. Am I asking too much?

So readers, I'm asking for your help. Do you love your computer? What models should I be looking at? Help!

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Pepper Phillips said...

My laptop must be your laptop's sister. I'd hate to 'lose' it. I'd most likely buy another Toshiba, since this one has been so good to me. I did have to take it in last year and the repair man stated that they don't make them like this today. (Nothing was repaired, but I needed to find out something.)

So, I'd do a top of the line Toshiba model. Hang the cost, it's deductable.

Vonda Sinclair said...

I can't help you there. I will agree they don't make them like they used to. I have a Toshiba which I love but it started having problems about 8 months after I bought it. It limped along. I bought another new laptop, a HP, to work on while I was having the Toshiba repaired. Once it was, the HP crashed and would do nothing after about 4 months. So here, it's like musical laptops. I use one while the other is being repaired. LOL I wish I knew which name brand was best. I'm sure Mac is probably best but if I got one of those I'd have to switch everything else (like getting a new Office program.) Good luck!

Natasha Moore said...

hanks,Ladies. I worry too about switching everything if I bought a Mac. Especially since I have a netbook I use sometimes too. The keyboard is too small to feel comfortable writing on daily but I still like to use it sometimes.

I'm going to check out the new Toshibas since I've had good luck up til now...