Guest: Camryn Rhys - Airship Seduction

Camryn's new release is Airship Seduction:

Sacha Camomescro, an Empath demon with an airship, is rescuing refugees from Victorian Europe’s war on magic when she meets a man unlike any other. Javier Vargas is a lone alpha werewolf, his pack nearly decimated by assassins, his appetite for justice superseded only by his desire for her.
But Sacha’s gift is also her curse. While reading minds is helpful in eluding the assassins sent by Europe for Progress, it cripples her ability to trust men, and enjoy sex, for she can always see the fantasies men have when they’re with her. But Javier has a single-minded focus when it comes to his pursuit, and he wants her.
Just when it seems she can trust him, Sacha’s crew starts getting picked off mid-flight, and it seems there’s a rabid animal at fault. Javier and his lone remaining pack member fall under suspicion, and in the hysteria, Sacha begins to lose control of her mission. Blindsided by passion, she must decide if she can trust the one man who wants her just as she is.
Q: Welcome Camryn! Please tell us more about your new book.
A: My latest release is called Airship Seduction. It came out in the end of March from Ellora’s Cave and the Twilight line. It’s a Steampunk Paranormal Erotic romance. Basically, the concept of the book came about when I thought, “I wonder what would happen if Victorian Europe had a magical Holocaust.” And the whole series was born from that. Sacha’s whole job in the first book is to fly her airship from country to country and rescue magical refugees. I love her.
Q: Wow this sounds fascinating! How did your story’s setting impact your plot or characters?
A: Because the book is set mostly on an airship, it affected the way the characters could interact. And because the layout of the ship was so important to me, and the way Sacha’s quarters were more inaccessible, it was a very interesting preparation process to write this book. Lots of drawing, and I suck at drawing!
Q: Why did you choose your setting and why was it perfect for your book?
A: The close quarters made the seduction possible, really. Because Javier was essentially isolated, and Sacha had self-isolated because of her powers, the two of them had a lot in common from the start. Plus, it provided them a lot of… privacy, let’s say… to explore their relationship. ;)
Q: Which of your characters is most like you? Least like you? And why?
A: My boyfriend would say that Sacha practically is me, in some ways. We’ve had several conversations about how similarly she and I look at relationships, and how we trust and allow people into our lives. But in every way I am Sacha, he is Javier. Thankfully.
Q: That's so interesting! How do you choose names for your characters?
A: Actually, for this book, I held a naming contest on my blog, where I gave away a tin of Walker’s shortbread cookies to a commenter, just to lure people in. J Javier and Raul were the top contenders, and I really was rooting for Raul, but Javier was chosen. So I ended up naming another character Raul, and he became my favorite.
Q: That's an innovative idea. Please tell us about your favorite character in the book.
A: Actually, Raul (the bad guy) is my favorite character. He just has such an overbearing personality and puts on this big show about being an alpha male, but he’s really hiding a lot of fear about his wife and son who are being held hostage by the Empire. So he’s got this whole side that you don’t really see in the book, until the end. But I know it’s there the whole time and I find myself laughing at him, because he tries so hard to cover up any sign that he cares about anything, when really, he cares more about his son than anything else in the world. I love him, and I can’t wait to see what happens later in the series, if he’s part of it.
Q: I'm hoping he is a villain who could turn into a hero. :) What do you wish you’d known before becoming published?
A: I wish I had known that you should really focus your career. Right now, I have five series worth of books in the air, and I can’t start any new projects until those are finished. It’s going to take me years to get through all the writing, and while I love it, it makes my time really precious. I definitely would have decided differently a year ago if I’d known where I would be today, I think.
Q: That's a lot of series! Would you like to ask readers a question?
A: Definitely! As a reader (whether you’re an author or not), do you prefer to have an author write in just one genre? Or do you want to see them write in lots of different sub-genres? Does it bother you when you hear an author has a book out, but it’s not one you’d necessarily read?
Good question. Would you like to tell readers about your amazing giveaway?
I have a huge release party giveaway, where every comment on this post enters you to win an e-reader and two different packages of reading materials. Some of my books will be in the packages, along with some other writers you might know. Check out my website for more information!
Thanks so much for having me! I do love to guest on Fierce Romance!
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books4me said...

Great interview and I love that Camryn has more books planned in this series!

When I love an authors writing, I will read all her books, even if she writes in another genre. Good writing is good writing!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Miriam Newman said...

Wow, great imagination and world-building here. best of luck with these books.

Chrisbails said...

Great interview. This book sounds great. Love it that it is going to be a series. Love to read series and follow along with the characters storyline. Thanks for the giveaway.

Alexa said...

Hi, Camryn! I'm so psyched for you and this story! And FIVE series??? Wow! You've got no time to lingerm girl!

I too will follow a writer into another genre if they go because like someone else said, good writing is good writing.

wyndwhisper said...

Hi Camryn,
thank you for the great post and for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the cover of the book, it's gorgeous and it sounds like a wonderful story. i can hardly wait to get started reading.

i know you said your planning other books so my question is: do you design you own covers/have a lot of say in them?
i know that some authors have little to no say in what the book cover will look like.

tammy ramey

bn100 said...

Great interview! I like the way you chose the names for your characters.