First Review for Plaything

Plaything, the 4th story in the Paolo's Playhouse series, will be released May 8th. Less than a month away! It's available for pre-order at Amazon & Barnes&Noble, and at the Samhain site it's even on sale for only $1.75!

I'm excited to bring Paolo's story to readers. He's the hero who started the whole series in my mind and, in my opinion, one of the sexiest heroes I've ever written. The first review is in, from Stacey at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews! It says in part:

"... Plaything is an enjoyable and quick story that delves into a very successful woman ready to take a chance on her desires."

You can read the full review here.

All the stories in the series are short for a reason. I wanted to show a couple at a crossroads and how, by living out their sexual fantasy at the playhouse, their lives are changed forever. I've loved these stories and the characters who all came alive for me. I'm sorry to see the series end, but I suppose it's always possible that later on there might be other couples who need playhouse therapy!

But even more possible, and pretty darn probable, there will be a longer book telling the rest of Paolo's and Julianne's story. I'm looking forward to delving into their lives as they fall in love while they struggle to make their life together work.

Plaything - Coming May 8th
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Harlie Williams said...


I left a comment on the review. So jealous...I can't wait to read Paolo's story.

I'm hoping that there is a longer book about Paolo. Just looking at the cover *sigh*


Vonda Sinclair said...

Congratulations on the wonderful review!!

Natasha Moore said...

Hi Marika - thanks for stopping by! I'll be starting the longer book soon. I won't mind spending more time with Paolo :)

Thanks, Vonda!