Summertime -- Invigorating and Inspiring

Swooping seagulls chasing the summer breeze and each other. The slap of a fallen wave as it meets the shoreline and gently sizzles. Every breath of salty air tickling my nostrils and making me smile. Sand tickling the soles of my feet and sifting between my toes. Sunshine warming my skin. The buttery sweetness of caramel corn wafting along the Boardwalk. French fries, golden-brown from a peanut-oil bath, making my mouth water as they're scooped into a cardboard container. Red and yellow plastic buckets splashing water into sandcastle moats.

Summertime and trips to the beach have always spurred my imagination more than any other activity. Sensory overload in the most glorious way. Whether on a moonlight dinner cruise or cracking crabs on a patio after a sun-drenched day, my writing tablets are filled with details of my travels on the sand and boards. Even after I emerge from the ocean, and long before my hair is dry, I'm making memories and recording them on paper. Water dapples my arms and hands and drips onto the steno sheets, but the ink never blurs much.

Backyard barbecues where burgers flipped and shoes flip-flopped. As the sun set, mosquitos buzzed but not nearly as loud as those filling lounge chairs and reclining on blankets. Citronella candles soon burned and banished those winged warriors. Lightening bugs filled coffee cans and glass jars covered with lids in which we'd punched holes.

Here are a few songs that capture the essence of summer and find me singing along whenever they're on the radio. Where did those days of riding my bike with the transistor radio tucked into the basket go? Not too far away, for they live among my fondest memories...

Surf, swim, smile & enjoy your summers,

Shawna Moore
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