Lessons from the Road

I'm home again after a two week vacation to Florida. Hubby and I pull a 33 foot travel trailer and that in itself can make a road trip challenging. It's nice to carry your own bathroom and kitchen with you when you need a rest stop, but manuvering that sucker in traffic and finding a large enough gas station can be a trick. So after 15 days on the road, here are a few words of wisdom.

Lesson #1 - Don't wear a sundress when you climb the 203 steps to the top of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse! And if you do, make sure you're hubby is behind you when the wind blows your skirt up over your butt!

Lesson #2 - Don't ignore that hot smell as you drive down the road. We burned up a wheel bearing on the trailer and lost 5 hours while we got it fixed.

Lesson #3 - Be Prepared. We had a total of 3 flat tires on our way home from Florida, wo of them on the side of I-77 outside Charlotte at 5pm rush hour. Always have spares! Know how to change trailer tires AND truck tires. Or have a hubby who knows how. And say a few prayers while you watch said hubby changing the tires with the traffic whizzing by.

Lesson #4 - Expect the unexpected. After 3 breakdowns in 3 days, we were almost home. New tires all the way around. We hopped into the truck Saturday morning to get gas and breakfast before hooking up and driving home. The brake pedal went straight to the floor! We'd broken a brake line. We felt a little like we were cursed, but at least it happened in the campground and not out on the road.

Lesson #5 - Keep your sense of humor. Hubby and I went through a lot of stress in the past few days. If we hadn't laughed, we probably would have cried and what's the use of tears?

Lesson #6. Enjoy each day to the fullest! When all is said and done, we had a wonderful trip to Florida, enjoyed hot, dry weather while the folks back home were cold and wet. We visited friends and family, saw the Shuttle lift off and walked the beach.

Our problems didn't start until we were headed home. Maybe that means we should have stayed amid the sun, surf and sand...



Miranda Baker said...

Glad you are home safe with your sense of humor intact! I'll be thinking sympathetic thought in your direction at the EDJ today. Hope you can carry your sandy bubble to work with you!

Natasha Moore said...

Thanks Miranda! Trying to relax to the memory of the surf rolling onto the beach...