On The Road Again

It's a sure sign that winter is over - hubby and I have taken off with the RV for a two week vacation. We left western New York Saturday morning and plan to be in Florida Monday afternoon. Yeah, it's a three day journey each way, which means that six days of my precious fourteen day vacation will be spent on the road.

I remind myself that I have to enjoy the journey. Yeah, we've been in bumper to bumper traffic. Lost time to detours. Got cut off by a tiny black sportscar who obviously wasn't intimidated by a huge red truck pulling a thirty-three foot travel trailer. My husband used his share of swear words. My jaw was tired from clenching my teeth. And don't get me started about all the times the GPS directions differed from the Google directions.


We've made it so far with no real problems. Admired the wild flowers on the side of the road. Stared in awe at sight of the fog drifting around the Smoky Mountains as we drove the winding highway. Shared stories with other travelers. Sang not-so-good harmony with my husband in the cab of the truck. And relaxed together in the trailer at night.

We're looking forward to visting family and friends during the next two weeks. Hubby wants to visit the Kennedy Space Center and I hope to walk on my share of beaches. If I come up with some more ideas, settings, characters for future stories that will just be icing on the cake.

So this morning we'll be leaving South Carolina behind for the last leg of our trip south. I hope to share some pictures and stories later on down the road. Enjoy your Monday.

Are you taking any trips this year? How do you enjoy each step of your journey?


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