Romance Fiction--Where Do I Begin?

Beginnings and endings of my books are always the hardest parts for me to craft, especially the beginnings. "Fish out of water" and "reunion" stories are two of my favorites, for reading and for writing. I want to make sure to capture a reader's imagination from the start, and this can primarily be accomplished by placing the hero and heroine at the right moment in their romantic time line. Loving relationships are very precious. Just as a couple strives to sustain love and open dialogue, if a writer gets this journey out of the gate at the wrong pace, or forces a couple together before they are ready, a reader's interest will wane and the love story will become a fictional fatality.

In my erotica romantic suspense, ROUGHRIDER, Kimberly Taylor has decided to turn her relationship with Jack Dodson from platonic to passionate. She's a workaholic who rarely makes time for play until her feelings and frequent thoughts of her high-school "friend" are too difficult to deny. Jack has left the rodeo circuit and craves stability in a life he has always lived on the edge. I started this novel at the point where Kimberly finally agrees to take a short vacation and see if she can slay some of the sexual demons dogging her night and day. But once her curiosity strays from the welcoming safety of Jack's ranch, she learns the truth behind the troubled months and years that have passed during their time apart.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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