Photos from Lake Placid

While on our recent trip to Florida, my parents drove us through Lake Placid, Florida to see some of beautiful murals that have been painted on the sides of buildings. Their website says there are 47 murals in the town. I'm sure we didn't get a chance to see them all, but it was fun to walk around and drive around and see what we could see.

This is only a part of the amazing mural which decorated the end of the Winn Dixie supermarket, complete with outdoor speakers giving us the sounds of a round-up.

This mural was a beautiful backdrop to a memory garden, complete with fish pond.

My hubby, the train buff, took pictures of a couple murals that had trains in them. The first one was on the front wall of the school.

I wish we'd taken more pictures. If it had just been my husband and me, we would have spent the day here, searching out all 47 murals, stopping into many of the shops along the streets, and taking many more pictures. But we were with my elderly parents and that wasn't an option while we were there. I hope we can stop by again and take our time there.

I think part of the fun of vacation is discovering new places, places we want to return to another time. What about you?



Esmerelda said...

Those murals are gorgeous!

Natasha Moore said...

Aren't they beautiful! And a unique way to bring interest to their town :)