More Bears and House Fixings!

I spent some of yesterday working on bear orders and moving furniture. They’re ripping up the old carpeting and breaking up the old tile and then replacing everything with new tile. So it’s a mess. :)
purple, black tipped, gold, black tipped, baby bear 006 (640x614)
Blondie, black tipped fur bear
purple, black tipped, gold, black tipped, baby bear 002 (635x640)
Plum, black tipped fur bear
Cutting out more bears for orders and here is a new one too
Sweatpea pastel rainbow bear
Sweatpea pastel rainbow bear
This carpeting is such a mess! 35 years of stains.

And beneath it? 35 years of dust.  :)

Will show After pictures later. :)
Okay before they get to jackhammering the old tile, I’m off to try to get word count on Phantom Fae. :)
Have a super great day!!!
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