It's All about the Boots

Happy Thursday!

I hope your day is going as great as mine. I'm thrilled because I have finally found a costume for under $50.00. It's sort of an alien chick get-up with flight glasses and white go-go boots, which, I have to tell you, are quite awesome.

It's funny how a little costume accessory can change the way you feel about yourself. I hate costumes that are too tight--make me feel fat. I don't like costumes that are too short--make me feel like I'm showing off my undies, which is problematic because I might forget them and not be wearing any. I hate spending a lot of time and money on a costume because they're just supposed to be funny little things to wear and converse about before the party food comes out. However, I'm glad I took the time to find this gem and it's simply because of the boots.

Have you ever heard the song "These Boots were Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra? It was popular back in the 1960s and then then Austin Powers movies made it famous again. It was even better the second time around. Well, when I put on these white go-go boots, I could hear that song playing my head and I felt absolutely groovy, baby! Yeah, I still had the lumps and rolls the little alien-ish dress showed, and the weird aviator glasses made my eyes look three times bigger than they were, but all I could look at were the boots. They made my legs look terrific! I now realize the women in 1960s and 1970s probably used them as their secret weapon. No matter what you look like, put on a pair of white go-go boots and you suddenly look...SEXY!

Yep, one little pair of boots changed my whole outlook, and, as a result, I had a great time at the Halloween party I went to last week. We have another one tomorrow, and I can't wait to show off my new boots. They're kind of like that neat shirt you loved as a kid that you wanted to wear every day but your mother wouldn't let you. I even want to wear my boots to bed, and my DH seems eager for me to do so...but that's another story. :)

What's the coolest Halloween costume you ever wore or that you've ever seen? Please do share and have a safe and happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

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