Historical romances… Escape To The Pleasures Of The Past

Historical romances may be about the past, but they’re not dead! Just look at the current popularity of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander television series on Starz.  Network executives renewed the series for a second season based on overwhelming viewer response after just the first episode!

And now there’s a new group called the Historical Romance Network on Facebook and Twitter, which hopes to promote a love of historicals, whether your taste runs to Regency, Victorian, Medieval, Scottish, Roman, Egyptian, American Cowboys, or anything that’s happened in the past.  Pirates, knights, Vikings, gladiators, take your pick!

As an author who writes Victorian romance for Red Sage Publishing with my series The Disciplinarian (Secrets, Volume 15), The Disciplinarian’s Daughter (Secrets, Volume 31) and The Bet (Secrets, Volume 27), I’m thrilled to see this renewed interest in historicals. Historical authors put countless hours into research to make sure what we write about is accurate.  For my Roman epic, Conqueror Vanquished (Ellora’s Cave), every fact about the Roman army I included in the story (what soldiers wore, how they fought, what they ate, the forts they built) is accurate. Setting a story in the past actually makes it more fun to write, since you can immerse a reader in a world long forgotten.

Here are some links to the Historical Romance Network, including a video they created which you might enjoy:

Twitter: @HistRomNet   

I hope you’ll ‘escape to the pleasures of the past’ and try a historical romance. You might like it!

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