5 Stars & a Top Pick for Voluptuous!

Voluptuous, my upcoming novella in the Curve Appeal series from Ellora's Cave, just received a great review from Night Owl Reviews. 5 stars and a TOP PICK. I had such fun writing this story. It was the first story I wrote after I left the day job and for it to get such a great review makes me grin from ear to ear.

The review says in part:

"Natasha Moore knows exactly what a curvy girl wants! And this curvy gal wants more Natasha Moore stories!...The heat between these two fairly blazes off the pages and yet for me it was a deeper connection than just the physical that kept my eyes glued to the pages. I cannot say clearly enough just how much I loved this story. I know it is one that I will be reading over and over again."

You can read the entire review here.

And a little excerpt to tempt you:

Sam couldn’t deny the relief that rushed through him when Evan left. Meredith deserved someone better than that jerk. This was the first time he’d seen her outside of work and he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity. He made his way through the crowd and was glad to see the stool beside her was empty.

“Hey,” he said as he came up beside her. He put his hand lightly on her shoulder and he felt as if he were a teenager copping his first feel. She was soft and warm to his touch.

Meredith eyes widened when she recognized him. “Sam! How are you?”

“Good. Is this seat taken?”

“No.” Her surprise was clear in her voice. “Be my guest.”

His inner teen was still present as he brushed up against her thigh when he took the stool. She didn’t shift away, which he took as a really good sign. But she did look over his shoulder toward the door, still looking for her date.

“I’m glad I saw you.” He should probably tell her about Evan, maybe even make up a lame excuse so she didn’t keep looking for him. But he couldn’t do it. He didn’t even want her to know he was aware she was waiting for Evan. Or that he even knew Evan. So Sam said the first thing that came to his mind. “I’m supposed to meet a blind date, but she hasn’t shown up yet. I saw you sitting here and thought, why drink alone?”

She toyed with the stem of her martini glass. “Is this the hot place for blind dates or something? I’m supposed to meet someone too. And he hasn’t shown up either.”

“Maybe there’s a black hole for blind dates somewhere in the building,” Sam said wryly. “Sucks bad matches out into the ozone.”

Meredith laughed. He’d always loved the sound of her laugh, a little throaty, as if she’d just gotten out of bed. Or maybe that was wishful thinking. Either way, she’d never laughed at one of his jokes before and he liked it.

“Do you think your date was a bad match?” she asked.

His conscience prickled. “Probably. I haven’t had a good blind date yet.” Since he’d never had a blind date at all, it wasn’t technically a lie.

“Me either.” She tossed back the rest of her drink, then turned to look at him. “Why do we do it?”

Her bright- green eyes sucked him in. They looked extra big with the sparkly makeup she had on. “I don’t know. Ever hopeful we’ll find that perfect match, I guess.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t see that happening.” When she shook her head, her shiny hair bounced around her shoulders. Meredith always wore her hair pulled back at work. He loved the way the soft curls framed her pretty face.

“Come on.” He brushed a stubborn curl away from her face and lightly cupped her jaw. “Don’t give up.”

She studied him for a moment, probably confused at the line he’d just crossed. Her tongue darted out to moisten her pink lips and he dropped his hand before he gave into the impulse to brush her sweet lips with his thumb. Or his mouth.

“I’ve had so many bad dates,” she said. “I could tell you horror stories…”

“Me too.” He signaled for the bartender who seemed to be spending all his time with a group of women on the end. “Why don’t you tell me one?”

“One what?”

“Story.” He turned on his stool to see her better and their knees bumped. He shifted so that one of his knees rested between hers. Her eyes widened slightly, but she left her legs parted, her dress riding a little further up her thighs. He swallowed before he could speak. “I bet whatever you come up with, I can beat it.”

“Oh yeah?” She took a deep breath and his eyes were drawn down her chest, to the long shadow between her breasts. “I’ll have to think a moment. I have a vast library of stories to choose from.”

He chuckled. The bartender finally made his way over. Sam ran a finger lightly over her hand. “Can I buy you a drink?”


“Another martini, miss?”

She slid her gaze to Sam’s and a small smile lifted her lips. “Please. And make it extra dirty this time.”

Voluptuous releases on Sept 6th, but is available for pre-order now if you don't want forget. :)

Voluptuous - coming Sept 6th - pre-order now
Her Royal Masquerade - coming fall 2013
Silken Canvas - print release coming Nov 5th
Playing for Real - coming Feb 4th


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Awesome review! Congrats!

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