The Annual Summer-is-almost-over Celebration...

I think I do this every year. A post saying goodbye to my schedule because of the kids getting out of school for the summer and then a post welcoming my schedule back once they go back. I'm looking forward to school so much more this year than I ever have.

This summer has been exceptionally busy writing-wise. I had an insane editing schedule for Liam that lasted the last week of June and the entire month of July. I was editing like a mad-woman on my birthday. Trying to juggle my other job, plus my kids and my roommate's kids being home full-time, I didn't think I was going to make my deadlines. Have you ever tried editing with anywhere from four to seven kids screaming around you? Oh. My. God.

I could FEEL my hair growing whiter. Seriously. Felt it.

I've been trying to get the first three chapter of my NA book written and to my agent for six weeks. Still not done. That should've went out to her two weeks ago. I have a book due the first part of December, was hoping I would get some written on it this summer, because I know I will have edits for Britton and Tommy coming in over the next couple of months, which will take a huge chunk of time. I haven't opened that project since before the kids got out of school. So I'm starting to feel that overwhelming panic in my chest at trying to add 65,000 words to the 15,000 I've already written in less than three months, while also doing edits on two books, a blog tour for two books and preparing for another print release.

This is why I can't wait for school to get back in. I will have three mornings a week that I can catch up on every one of these things. No screaming kids, no bickering, no interruptions, just me, silence and a to-do a mile freaking long that I am so far behind on.

The really good news is I have a release on Monday. The Awakening: Liam. I'm already getting some pretty awesome reviews. Yes, I have a cover, but have been forbidden to share it, lol. So I'll do a cover reveal next week. 

Cheers to the school year beginning!!

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