Would You Feel Cheated?

I’m in one of those writer’s lulls, where nothing big is happening, just spending my days doing life stuff and writing the first draft of the second book in my MMA series.

I’m in that area of the book where I’m starting to wrap everything up and things are starting to get complicated (for me, lol). One of the biggest issues right now is the kiss. Yeah, you read the correctly. I’m starting to get toward the third half of the book and they haven’t even kissed yet. (Well, they have, but the first one doesn’t count.) That never happens with me. So I’ve really, really had to up the sexual tension between these two. Honestly, it’s smoking hot between the two of them, but they both have their reasons for not stepping over that “friends” line.  

The problem is I’ve spent so long writing the tension that now they are about to truly kiss, I’m clueless as to what happens. Unfortunately because of circumstances inside the book, things just can’t explode, which is what would happen in any other book. I’m telling you these two are in a rip-your-clothes-off-and-do-it-against-the-wall sort of emotional place. But I can’t go there. So I’m finding it very challenging to get that Castle/Beckett feeling.

*SPOILER* For the fans, you know what I’m talking about and the feeling we all had Monday night when it finally happened. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been frustrated this entire season waiting, hoping, then cursing at the TV when it didn’t happen. But Monday it finally did and boy, I had to rewind to watch again. And then rewind it again. Even though I had to wait as long as I did, when it finally happened it was worth the wait.

I’m trying to capture the same feeling in my book. Unfortunately, unless I rewrite an entire plot point, things just can’t explode at this particular time. So my question is…would you, as a reader, feel cheated if the kiss stayed sweet? Or do you feel like I should maybe wring out a bit more tension until they are in a time and place where it can explode?



Carly Carson said...

Abby? This question is hard to answer without reading the story. But I think you could make it sweet, with some explanation. Preferably from his POV because you don't want to emasculate the guy. (He finally gets a kiss and doesn't go for it.) So if he says something like: This isn't really what I want with you, but now is not the time and place, but I do have some feelings for you I want to express. Then sweet kiss. Not that any guy would actually speak like that, but just to give you an idea of trying to make a sweet kiss into a way to show emotion, rather than a prelude to sex.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Maybe a hot explosive, emotional kiss could work, and then go no further if they're in a bad place (physically) for sex. That is if the sexual tension has been to boiling point. If the tension has been only warm, then a sweet kiss would work. I think the kiss should fit the situation and emotions they're feeling. I watched Castle. I love the show, but to me the sexual tension has been dwindling for a couple years now. I didn't really care if they got together anymore. But I still love the characters and the show.

Esme Bishop said...

Carly--Abby is my other pen name, since this is about my MMA series I signed it using that one:) And thanks for the thoughts. I probably should have given me information, but always worry about saying too much, lol. Anyway, she's about a week out from surgery and still sore and that is why it can't explode, lol. It's just a moment where he's taking care of her that he just finally kisses her, but not the way he really wants to kiss her, ya know. Its all from worry of hurting her. So I guess what I'm most worried about is I've built all the sexual tension, that the reader may be let down by it being such a sweet kiss. I'm honestly probably overthinking it. lol.

Vonda--you're killing me, lol. I was so the opposite when Castle and Becket finally kissed :) I'm starting to think that maybe my kiss can go both ways. Since mine is a post-surgery kiss, she's not ready for explosive yet. So I'm thinking I'm going to have to go with sweet. These two are so ready to kiss, lol

Thanks for chiming in guys!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Oh. Yes in that case (she's recovering from surgery) an explosive kiss would not fit. I'd go with sweet and emotional and caring. :)

Romance, She Wrote said...

Wow, I couldn't wait that long to have them kiss, I usually have them kissing by the second/third age and then I still think I waited too long :-)


wyndwhisper said...

i agree this is a tought question. i think if the situation is right it can start off sweet and gentle and move into something more intense the longer the kiss goes on. even several sweet kisses could lead to a more intense love making session. and that way it would hopefully not seems so awkward or stiff.

tammy ramey