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I have a fantastic new review for Blade of the Wolf from Erotica Romance Writers! :)

Overall: 9
Sensuality: 10
Erotica Element: 8

Reviewer Comments: Ronan Graeme is an immortal werewolf, one of the Sgian Dubh clan who were cursed years ago by 7 sorcerers. He spends his time protecting the world form evil in the hopes that one day he and his fellow werewolves will be able to regain their souls. He wants to be normal and to have a normal life again. When he learns that one of the sorcerers who cursed him and killed his wife and two children has returned as an incubus determined to regain his power by killing a psychic, Ronan knows that he must protect the psychic and find a way to kill the sorcerer for all time.

Syrena Ellis has always been able to sense the future and to see the dead. She has spent a lifetime avoiding her abilities and hiding them from the world. When a stranger shows up and wants to spend time with her, she is suspicious of his motives. She doesn’t understand that he is there to protect her. Syrena’s instincts and psychic senses are telling her that Ronan is not telling her the whole truth about who he is and she doesn’t know what do. Also being able to sense an evil presence around her is not helping her to begin to trust.

Ronan doesn’t expect to be so attracted to Syrena. He is drawn to her from the first moment he sees her. Syrena also feels the same and Ronan’s presence sends shockwaves through her system. Unfortunately for Syrena and Ronan, it is forbidden for them to ever be together. If they have sex, Ronan will be punished for at least one human lifetime. The trouble is that their attraction to each other grows stronger and stronger. Will Ronan be able to resist?

This book is filled not only with a great love story, but also tons of sex and erotic scenes. The sex scenes in the book are graphic and explicit. The passion between Ronan and Syrena plays out in a number of steamy ways.

I loved this story. It was about two people who find each other in an unconventional way. They have to trust each other and learn the other’s secrets in order for love to work. Neither one of them expected this or was looking for it, but it arrived. The characters of Syrena and Ronan are likeable and fun to read about. I enjoyed seeing them play off one another and work together to destroy the evil that they face. Ronan accepts Syrena for who she is and helps her to accept herself and her psychic gifts.

I am looking forward to stories about the rest of the Sgian Dubh clan. I think their stories will be equally compelling.

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