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Yes, you read that right. Vanessa Holland's amazing and beautiful romance novel is now free for everyone to download from Amazon in Kindle format. I have read it twice and loved it both times.

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A night of passion has forever bound Jenna Morgan to a man she thought she would spend her future with. Instead, he dumped her with barely a word of explanation and left the state. Three years later, she’s a single mom struggling to provide for her son and young sister, and harassed by an obsessed stalker. 

After leaving home three years ago to run his aging grandfather’s ranch in Texas, Sam Strickland returns to Tennessee to discover a child he didn’t know existed. He thought he was saving Jenna’s future when he left home, and left her behind. He never dreamed he’d return to see a child with eyes the same shade as his own - and Jenna in serious trouble. 

Sam thinks his only dilemma is whether he can earn back the trust of the woman he loves and commit to the responsibility of fatherhood. But Jenna’s life is more complicated than he could have imagined and he finds himself involved in a dangerous situation that could threaten his new son’s life.

Amazon Reviews

"What a refreshing, new, romance love story! You are immediately drawn in to the excitement and romance of a young couple sorting out their lives. The sense of family values are so important to Sam and makes your heart have that warm fuzzy to read about Sam and his young son." ~Susie

"If you love good story telling and relatable characters, look no further than Bound to You" ~TF Smith

"This book is unpredictable and each chapter presents a new and interesting twist to the storyline. So glad I read it and would encourage others to read it as well." ~Ka7e28

"It didn't take but a few pages into, "Bound To You," for Jenna Morgan and Sam Strickland to grab you. I assure you, this is a page turner, with no place to stop until you get to the end." ~ jrf59

"Once I started reading, I couldn't stop, literally. This book is a page-turner. The characters were so real and likable, I felt they were friends I'd known forever. The hero, Sam, was so easy to fall in love with. He has his issues and flaws (that's what makes him real), but he's what dreams are made of. Plus, he's incredibly hot and gorgeous! This author really knows how to put heart and soul into a book. She is an expert with beautiful descriptions, three-dimensional characterization and intense emotions. It is an amazing book!"~ n22v

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Thanks, Vonda, for sharing my book! I appreciate it. :-)