4 Days and Counting

This is so not writing related, but I'm super excited. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about my friend that participated in the Spartan Race and how badly I wanted to try one similar. I'd made a comment that I planned to do the Warrior Dash in May, then didn't mention it again. Well, I did sign up. *nervous giggle*

On Sunday at 11:30 I'll start my 3.08 mile journey down a dirt path to obstacles I've never done before. Unlike the Spartan Race, I'm completely aware of what I'll face. The Warrior Dash consists of 11 obstacles, ranging from crawling over a net to climbing up a wall to wading in waist deep water to climb over logs. The one I'm most looking forward to is the one they call Muddy Mayhem. It's the very last obstacle where you have to crawl under barbwire in a mud pit.

I know this may seem like a weird one to look forward to, but I have my reasons. My kids will be there cheering me on. I can already hear my son's cackle as he watches mommy belly-crawl through the mud. I don't care how noisy it will be, I will hear that cackle and it will make everything I've done worth it. I love that sound. If I'm in another room and I hear it, I immediately smile. It's pure delight.

I also have personal reasons for wanting to do this race. Most of you know about my back issues and how bad it was for me about 18 months ago. It's been a very, very long road to recovery, one where I feared I'd never get myself back to where I once was. In truth, I never will. I've had to learn to accept that and the limitations of my life now.

Before, it was all or nothing. I was competitive. I wanted to come out on top. I wanted to prove I was the best in every class. When that was taken away from me, I had a hard time adjusting. In the last 2 months as I prepared for the race, I've grown as a person. I no longer get frustrated when the class is doing something I can't do. I simply do something I can.I have no issues now saying, "I can't physically do that, BUT I can do this."

It's a great place to be.

Will there be obstacles I might not be able to complete during the Warrior Dash? Maybe. If there are, it will take me out of the running for placement. And I'm okay with that. I don't need to place. I just need to finish, even if I'm the last one that crosses that finish line :)

I'll share pictures next week!


Fraoch said...

My 28 year old daughter did one of the Warrior Dashes here in Wisconsin last year and she ended up a muddy mess but she said it was so well worth it. She had a blast, did it for the fun with her fellow crazies. She is a runner and a mountain climber, has always been physically fit but it was a good challenge. This summer she is going to be doing either a 5K or half a marathon where you are chased by Zombies on the race course. Good luck on your race, sounds like you have the right spirit to meet your personal goals.

Natasha Moore said...

Wow! Good for you, Esme! Can't wait to see the pictures. :)