My Hero

Happy Memorial Day!

Holiday weekends are always busy for me. This one seemed even more so. My future daughter-in-law's birthday was this weekend, so we took her and the son out for dinner Friday night. Hubby and I went down to camp Saturday, finally getting a chance to spend the night there for the first time this season. Sunday was a BBQ with friends. Now it's Monday already. Memorial Day.

Hubby, as a member of our local volunteer fire department, will be participating in a Memorial Day parade, driving one of the units through the streets. Now I consider the members of our emergency services to be heroes. They respond any time of the day or night, sometimes just to aid an eldery person who's fallen or to clean up after an auto accident. More often they're called to respond in life and death situations and they don't hesitate to leave their meal on the table or crawl out of a warm bed to help the members of our community.

And as well as being a member of our local fire department, my husband a Vietnam veteran.

This is a picture of my hubby sitting on a pile of sandbags outside his barracks at Ton Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon in 1968. He served two tours of duty in Southeast Asia, one each in Vietnam and Korea. I wouldn't meet him for another 7 years.

He came home to a country who didn't support their veterans as we do now. He settled down, raised a family, worked two jobs when he needed to, and joined the local volunteer fire department. Forty years later, the children are grown and he's recently retired, but he still volunteers with the fire department.

In the picture above, he's 2nd to the right, in the lightest colored jacket, fighting a house fire that was right down the road from where we lived.

Although he likes to tell anyone who'll listen that he's the inspiration for all my romance heroes, I have to say that it's no joke. He is my hero.

Have a great week.

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