Bittersweet Mysteries

Odd title, I know, but kind of appropriate, considering my topic. I got to thinking the other day (uh oh) about the past because of a story idea rolling around in my head, and I remembered something that had somehow slipped into one of the untidy little closets of my mind. There are many, so it was lost for a good long while, but I apparently opened a cognitive door and out it tumbled.

Before I go further, let me ask you: Do you remember your first kiss? How intense the whole experience was? I know some of you do, because we've blogged here about it before and the comments were wonderful. Well, my first kiss was wonderful, too. It was the whole crush-on-the-guy-who-didn't-seem-interested-after-the-date that sort of ruined the rest of the year for me. Oh, it was one of those puppy love kinds of things, and the truth be known, I dated him on the rebound from another crush, so I was vulnerable. I spent hours thinking about him and what I'd done or hadn't done to make him lose interest and why the kiss didn't mean as much to him as it did to me and blah blah blah--all that boy drama. I learned a great deal about myself from this one little event, and, like many experiences in our teen years, it shaped me and my ideas about romance and love and, of course, kissing.

Great heroine stuff, eh? lol

But that's not the mysterious part. The memory that came back to me was that just before he asked me out, I found the prettiest little ring. It looked like a gemstone, but it was cheap and fake. I liked it, though, because I'm easily distracted by sparkly things, and since I found it on the sidewalk, I just slipped it on my finger and made it mine. So, right before this incredibly intense experience in my life, I found this mysterious little ring. Months later, after I finally figured out what a creep the guy was and my better sense prevailed, I realized the ring was gone. I went to put it on one morning, and it had disappeared from my dresser. I never saw it again.

Being a writer, I think I always wondered if it was coincidence, or was there something about that ring that put those events in motion that changed my life forever...with one kiss? Strange, isn't it?

The other mystery is much sweeter and way more romantic and has to do with kissing as well. Last week, I got an idea for a scene in a story and, as usual, asked my DH to help me with a little research. He, as usual, happily obliged. :)

The scene calls for the heroine to have her eyes closed and for the hero to unexpectedly kiss her. Not original, but still kind of sexy. So I closed my eyes and told DH to kiss me when he felt like it. He waited a second, and then brushed my lips with his. My knees went weak, among other physical reactions. It was WOW. We tried variations thereof, like his touching my face and taking me into his arms, all with my eyes closed and not knowing quite when the kiss would happen. It was amazing!

The mystery is why this type of kiss affected me so, and I have to tell you that until I find the answer, I plan to be a super sleuth and keep replaying the scene until the mystery is solved. lol

What about you? What little mysteries are hidden inside you? Anyone care to share? Please do, and happy, happy reading!

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