I am in over my head with the Bishop Family Annual Halloween Party this week. It’s a huge adult event that we throw every year. So this blog will be short and sweet because I have to get back to work. There is so much left to do and so little time. And of all weeks, my kids are out of school today and only have a half-day Thursday. Want to talk about stress, lol.

Anyway, one of my many projects I have to finish is creating a playlist. I want a great mixture of fun and upbeat, and dark and scary. Songs to dance to and others to set the mood. Pop, rock, heavy metal, typical Halloween and so on.

I could really, really use the some help with this. I draw a blank anytime I have to make a playlist, which is so odd because I love music. But there is some hidden stress of playlist making that makes my brain turn to mush.

Some things I plan to add:

Pokerface by Lady Ga-Ga (I love this song)
Monster Mash (well, you can’t have a Halloween Party without it)
Jason Theme Song

See… blank. Sigh. I know there are a ton of other Halloweenish songs out there. But for the life of me I can’t think of a dang one.

Would ya’ll (yep, that’s the southern in me coming out) help?



Teirney said...

I don't have a lot of 'halloween songs' on my playlist, but my DH loves hardcore rock. Seeing as how this music scares the crap out of me on a daily basis (lol) I thought I'd suggest a few of his most played bands to see if you find anything that fits: Seether, Slipknot, Tool, Alice in Chains (I personally get goosebumps when I hear Man in a Box), 10 years and Carpathian Forrest. I also have a soft spot of Ozzy. Oh and the Michael Myers theme song. Hope that helps a little Good luck with your playlist.

Natasha Moore said...

I'm no help at all, but just wanted to say - have fun with the party!!

s7anna said...

I would suggest the Queen of the Damned sdtk...It's full of music that's just right to set the mood for a Halloween party!!!

Have oodles of fun @ your party.

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

StaceyB said...

I don't have any disks myself, but I heard Nox Arcana has spooky songs for Halloween. Have a great party!!

Anida Adler said...

Hun, good luck with all that. I wish I could help, but I'm pathetic with music.

How about Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody somewhere in there? It's just a kind of a weird song.

David Bowie's Life on Mars? And his As the World Falls Down from the film Labyrinth? And his Magic Dance from the same film?

Carol Ericson said...

How about: Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Oingo Boingo's "Deadman's Party," Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays" (about the high school girl who woke up one Mon. morning and fired into the schoolyard across the street because "she didn't like Mondays"), Sting's "Brimstone and Treacle," that song by System of the Down - can't remember the name; the song from Dawn of the Dead - "Get Down with the Sickness" (very upbeat - LOL); Chris Isaac's "Wicked Thing," (not scary but a haunting melody and has "wicked" in it!); Jan and Dean's "Deadman's Curve," something from Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Abby Niles said...

Thanks everyone! This will come in very handy, I'm trying to make the 'list' now. Oh and Carol, the Bishop Halloween party is never complete without the Time Warp breaking out at some point in the night, lol
Thanks again!