Monday Morning Inspiration

I love to collect inspirational quotes. I've printed out my favorites and tacked them up on the cork board beside my desk. Most of them are short nuggets of inspiration, but reading them can often give me the boost I need to keep going.
"The only one who can take you out of the game is you!"
"Take risks."
"Remember the joy!"
"Think outside the box."
"Nothing happens without a dream"
"Don't stop believin'!"

I like visual inspiration too. Like our popular "Eye Candy". I have a file full of pix of hunky guys and browsing through them from time to time can really get the creative juices flowing. For instance, I'm just finishing up a series of erotic shorts that I hope my editor at Red Sage is going to love. All the stories take place at a place called Paolo's Playhouse.

Getting together with other writers, and with readers, can get me inspired to write. Last week I, like Kristin, attending the Romanticon in Ohio. I had a great time talking with other authors, meeting enthusiastic readers, attending informative workshops, and getting the chance to meet on-line friends face to face. Oh, and watching those hunky cover models. I left the hotel fired up with the desire to get back to the keyboard.

Being a writer is mostly a solitary occupation and it can often be difficult to push away the distractions and get the pages written. I've found that any kind of inspiration that can help me get the words on the page is priceless. Especially on a Monday morning after a busy weekend.

What do you use for inspiration?



Nicole North said...

Like you, eye candy inspires me. So does music, sometimes. Other, unexpected things can inspire me too. Great picture of you! Looks like a fun booksigning.

Natasha Moore said...

Hey Nicole! I had a great time at the booksigning. Even sold a bunch of books to people I didn't know! :-)

Kristin Daniels said...

Natasha, it was so great meeting you last weekend! And that book signing was a blast, wasn't it?

And I'm just like you, I have my file with a bunch of hottie pics (got to add to that file this past weekend with those luscious Cavemen :)), and I have my favorite sayings, too.

Carly Carson said...

I too have a file of quotes. Rarely look at it though. Hmmmm what inspires me? I don't know. Sometimes another book. Music is good, but I rarely have time to listen to it and can't listen while working.

Natasha Moore said...

It was great meeting you too, Kristin. Cavemen...yum!

Carly, I'll bet all those inspirational quotes you read once and saved are all there in your sub-concious giving you inspiration daily :)