Yep, It's Spring

The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping and it's glorious outside, if not a little bit chilly. But who cares? It's spring! April is coming--this is actually my last post for March--and with it the hope that snow and ice and frost have all passed us by. I certainly hope so.

I've got a major project due tomorrow, so I'm not going to spend much time here today. However, I felt I needed to post an update on Helena and Mike's wedding, since some folks have been asking about how it went. In short, it went--no pun intended--like a charm. A lucky charm. No fisticuffs, only joy and love and a great celebration.

Of course, there's a reason for that. Apparently, the Wedding Gods were watching out for Helena and Mike because, and you will not believe this, all three of the catty pit vipers (Ann, Amy, and Mrs. Jerk) and their significant others were not in attendance. As it turned out, Ann's daughter Neela from a dalliance prior to her commitment to The Jerk went into labor the morning of the impending nuptials and delivered a healthy baby boy just before the wedding. I'm pretty sure the new grandma euphoria clouded any thoughts of throwing on her finery to attend her friend's wedding. Of course, The Jerk stayed with her, mainly because attending the wedding with his current wife instead of his ex-wife that he is now dating while separated from her would probably upset Ann, and, as I have divulged in earlier posts, an angry Ann is, indeed, not something you want to behold.

Amy also felt the need to forego the wedding in light of the fact she had become a great-aunt, although she also had the excuse that she had jury duty. Yep, you got it. Amy got selected for jury duty just before the wedding. She wasn't thrilled, although Ed thinks it's great because he's all about doing one's civic duty. He's even taken off work a few days to watch the trial, which, ironically, is a case about a wife who attempted to kill her philandering husband by hiring her nail technician to burn down their house while he was in the midst of some really intense their marital bed, no less. He and his paramour survived and the nail tech, afraid of being discovered and taking full blame, outed the wife to the police. Ed, from what I understand, is totally fascinated by this case. Amy, on the other hand, is bored to tears because she's already decided that the wife was just trying to scare them both, and, even if she wasn't, Amy said, she was totally justified in what she did. I still don't get how she can think this, but it's not my case nor my worry. Good luck, Mr. Defense Attorney, in dealing with that jury member.

Mrs. Jerk, from what I understand, would have attended, but she is going through some trauma right now and wanted to limit public exposure. Apparently, she was having sex with some married guy and the house caught on fire. She barely escaped with her lover and her perky breasts intact, and now there's this trial thing about it. Go figure.

Well, I need to sign off for now. Big project calling. I hope your spring is going spectacularly. Happy Reading!

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