Real life vs. Reel life

I’ve been having a problem lately that I imagine affects a lot of authors, romance and otherwise. I find that the lives of my fictional characters are much more interesting than my own life.

Duh. Logically, I know this is a given. Heck, it’s why people read books – for escapism.

And yet, as an author the danger lies in the fact that I’m spending more time in my fictional worlds these days than in my own. The laundry doesn’t get done. The dust builds up on the furniture. Hubby has to call me for dinner.

What’s the right life/work balance when a person wants to spend more time at work in front of her computer, living among fabulous characters, creating interesting worlds?

The answer is… Get out of your routine. Do something different. Travel.

Jenna Ives and I recently returned from a trip to South America. Spending time in a foreign country and seeing other people’s lives made me really appreciate my own. I no longer find mine boring. I no longer spend every moment at my keyboard, escaping from it. Now I look forward to my time with hubby.

Especially our evening cocktail out on the patio.

In fact, I’m off to have that cocktail right now. See? It’s no longer hard for me to push back my computer chair and walk away from the keyboard.

How about you? Ever have a job or hobby that was so obsessive it took up too much of your time? How did you cope?

I’d love to hear your advice!


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