The Greenest Day of the Year

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I was writing a completely different post when it occurred to me that today is St. Patrick's Day. How could I forget? Helena and her beau are about to embark on the wedding of the century (see my last post), replete with all the drama of a Lifetime movie, on what is considered by many to be a very lucky day. And Helena's take on all of this is, "Whatever happens, happens. We'll deal with it. Together." Which is also the same perspective her prospective hubby has, so I'm guessing this marriage, even though it's her 3rd, has a fighting chance. And I'm thrilled for her.

I'm also thrilled that spring is finally here, or appears to be so. Yeah, so cool weather is predicted, but overall the temps are warmer and my outlook is sunnier. Plus, I'm writing more. I hadn't been tapping at the keys much until the last few days because of work and all that it entails, but now I'm on a roll. I'm about halfway through my latest WIP and it feels great. There's nothing like writing in the spring to make one feel content.

Unfortunately, my latest includes pieces of my real life. As you can guess, my friend Ann is kind of a strong presence, and she's sort of ended up in my latest book. By accident, of course. I don't name her, and she's not a main character. There's a remotely psychotic chick who is a really good friend of the heroine who makes her life undeniably miserable without even trying, and she's completely oblivious to the damage she does. However, this character serves a larger purpose--the heroine of the story meets the love of her life at her wedding. So, it's worth the struggle with the fictional Ann's issues.

I rarely include people from real life, but Ann is too strong of a inspiration to ignore. Have you ever dealt with someone like this? Someone who is a complete disaster, and you can't seem to look away? That's probably what I will be doing this afternoon at Helena's wedding...looking away from Ann and her drama to the couple who's actually getting married. To their credit, they're taking it all in stride. Like Helena says...whatever happens, happens. I'm just glad the menu includes green beer.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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