A bit of a Fairy Garden

close up of blue and silver wind chimes sunset 001 (640x427)Added some wind chimes with glass baubles and a blue glass bottle for some interest. A sparrow jumped on the wind chimes, scared himself and jumped on the feeder while a house finch watched him. The fairy wind chimes didn’t scare them off.
close up of blue and silver wind chimes sunset 002 (640x427)These are the copper ones on the other bird feeder.
tomato plants and a frog (640x427)The frog is protecting the 3 little tomatoes.
fairies in the garden 001 (640x427)And the fairies are watching over the chives.
fairies in the garden 003 (640x427)fairies in the garden 012 (640x427)While Max is watching over the rose and lavender garden fairy. I’d forgotten all about my fairies, still waiting to be unpacked and find a home here too.
I couldn’t decide, have everything blend in or be bright and colorful and whimsical? The fairy garden won out. :)
A Very Jaguar Christmas was sent back to the editor. And I’m back to working on Golden Fae! And Deadly Liaisons rights are reverting back to me, so working on publishing that also.

Have a great Saturday!!!
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