Golden Fae

Art project: beautiful woman with golden make-up. Jewelry, make-up. Fashion. Over black background.

How does the golden fae get into big time trouble with one fiery dragon? When playing with fire…

All the golden fae wanted to do was to pick mushrooms for her
mother—in the forbidden dragon fae territory, but Kayla sees dragons
practicing for their games, and she gets caught at it. She loses her
locket that she needs to have when she comes of age in just a couple of
weeks so she can keep her magic as a lavender grower for the golden fae.
Only now, one highly annoying dragon shifter fae has got it, and she
will do anything to get it back.

Alton can’t believe it when the golden fae arrives at his friend’s
castle wearing the dragon fae aura now! But he has a mission to go on,
save a human and a dragon fae in the human world, and Kayla ends up
there offering to help—anything to get him to give her locket back to
her. Only a fae seer shoots him with an iron bolt, and Kayla risks
everything, trying to get him and the captured maid safely back home

Now he will do almost anything to learn the mysterious golden fae’s secrets, and protect her from his own kind at all costs.



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