New historical cover reveal for Conqueror Vanquished!

Ooooh, revealing a new cover is one of the many fun, exciting things about being an author. And for an indie author it’s even more thrilling, because they have the final say in how the artwork looks, rather than being dependent on a publisher’s art department.

So, without further ado… [drumroll please]

Here is the new cover for my Roman historical novella, Conqueror Vanquished:

I LOVE this guy’s pose! It perfectly conveys the strength and power of my hero. And, combined with the title, it lets a romance reader know that a woman will conquer this man’s heart, no matter how strong he may be physically J

Isn’t that what love is all about?

Try as she might, my cover artist could not fit a picture of my heroine on the cover without it looking like my hero was about to stab her or knock her out with his shield.  And if we put her behind my hero’s shoulder, it looked like she was a disembodied ghost floating around. Just didn’t work. So I opted for only the hero, and I’m very happy with the way the cover turned out.

And hopefully, since I write romance – and this story will be categorized on amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, etc under ‘romance’ – readers will know what they’re getting.

I’m particularly proud of this story, because I researched it tirelessly for historical accuracy. Rome’s sixth legion actually WAS in service in France in 52 B.C. and the legion’s standard really was a powerful bull on a blood red flag. And the Roman army! They were a terrifying, vast group of soldiers – definitely a force to be reckoned with.

For me, the best historical fiction always teaches a reader some new things about its particular time period. I hope you might learn some interesting tidbits from Conqueror Vanquished about ancient Rome, in addition to falling in love with my hero Leonidas and my heroine Solange.

Until next month,



Robena Grant said...

Wonderful, Leigh. So powerful. Christine does great work! :)

IdahoGal said...

What a great cover! I always like to learn a little something unexpected when I read a book. I know nothing about the Roman army, so I know I'll learn something :-) Can't wait!

Mia said...

Love the cover. I think it totally conveys what you want. Hot guy with a sword. ;)