Playing for Real - Sooner is Better

Playing for Real - book #5 in my Paolo's Playhouse series continues the story of Paolo and Julianne, the characters who met in Plaything, book #4. Playing for Real takes the loving Dom and the tightly-in-control sub from their first meeting at the Playhouse to finding a way to weave bondage and submission into their lives and falling in love along the way.

Playing for Real was scheduled to release March 18, 2014, but because of an opening in the schedule, the release date has been moved up to February 4, 2014. I know, still a ways away, but sooner is better, right?

AND...I've seen the cover the Samhain art department has designed and it is gorgeous! I can't wait to share!

And while you're waiting for Playing for Real, I'll have two more releases. Voluptuous, a Curve Appeal novella from Ellora's Cave will be released Sept 6th - and is available for pre-order now.

Also, look for Her Royal Masquerade, my first royal category romance, in October.

So you have a couple releases to look forward while you're waiting for Paolo and Julianne to find their happy ending.


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