Summertime, summertime. Sweet, sweet summertime.

This year, summertime has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Last year, if you recall, I didn't have much of a summer. I had just finished chemotherapy in June, sped through 5 weeks of, ahem, rest & recovery (yeah, right... :), then had major surgery in July. Due to a heatwave that hit during my stay in the hospital and hung around for a while, I pretty much spent the rest of the summer recuperating in the confines of my air-conditioned house. Then Fall hit, and Winter followed close on its heels. And Spring this year? Gah, it seemed to drag on and on. But wow, as of the last few weeks, summer has returned with a vengeance! And you know what, I'm loving every last minute of it.

In my last post, I talked about the book that I finished the beginning of June. My editor accepted it within 2 days, YAY! But honestly, I haven't written anything of substance since then. I've been too busy enjoying my summer, since I didn't really have one last year. The thing of it is, we haven't done a whole hell of a lot. You've heard me talk about our RV before (we've since upgraded our little home-away-from-home) and we've been spending a ton of time out there. So, my week goes something like this: RV, home & pool, RV, home & pool. Sigh. It's rough work, but I'm struggling through :P

Yep, Robin and I were seriously roughing it!

A writer friend (Robin Skylar) and I enjoyed a couple days working (and I say that so very seriously :P  ) out at the RV. Oh, and last week I went to a reading and signing by the fabulous Julie Ann Walker, where I won an ARC of her upcoming release in November, Born Wild. Other than that... Yeah, you get the idea. I'm taking it easy and relaxing. In the scheme of things, I think I deserve it!

With the awesome Julie Ann Walker.
Yes, I'm one of those people. This is my cat, Roxy, enjoying the outdoors a couple weeks ago at the RV.
 Hope y'all aren't sweltering too much! Enjoy it!



Natasha Moore said...

Enjoy your summer!

Unknown said...

I'm one of those people too - it doesn't help my kitty loves the camera!

Enjoy your summer, I'm not having much of one either!