More Postcards from Scotland

Lismore Lighthouse
 Since I'm still in Scotland this week, I thought I'd share more pics I took. Last Tuesday, we took the ferry out to the Isles of Mull and Iona. Along the way, we passed Lismore Lighthouse and Duart Castle.
Duart Castle

The Nunnery
 Once on Iona, we visited the Nunnery ruin and Iona Abbey.
Cloister at Iona Abbey

Iona Abbey

 Wednesday we visited McCaig's Tower which sits on the hill above Oban. It was quite a climb up all those steps, but the view and the beautiful garden was worth it.

the interior of McCaig's Tower
View of Oban Bay from McCaig's Tower

McCaig's Tower interior

McCaig's Tower entrance
 After this, we went down to the beach and took a walk. It was warm enough for some of the kids to be playing in the water.
A beach near Oban
 The next day, we took a hike at Buachaille Etive Mor, a beautiful part of Glencoe. It was raining when we started the hike, but about halfway through the rain stopped and I was able to get some good pics.
Buachaille Etive Mor


Sunset in the Scottish countryside
On Saturday, we left Oban and drove all day to get to Ullapool which is much further north. Along the way we passed Castle Stalker. It's difficult for me to pass by without stopping for a few photos.

Castle Stalker
Rainbow over Loch Broom at Ullapool

The rain and sunshine combined, producing this beautiful rainbow. It's a bit cooler here in Ullapool than it was in Oban.
The heather overlooking Ullapool
 On Sunday we hiked through the beautiful heather on the hill above Ullapool. It was a wonderful amazing walk that I enjoyed a huge amount. I think we walked about six miles. The views were fantastic.

In the above photo, you can see the Summer Isles in the distance in Loch Broom.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The rainbow it my favorite.

Unknown said...

Wow, Vonda, there's heather blooming in July? I thought heather only bloomed during August-September. Interesting to know that.
Rainbow over Loch Broom is awesome, but my favorites are Glencoe (so green - not at all like I saw it), and Castle Stalker (some beautiful composition, there).

Teresa Reasor said...

Thank you so much for sharing these. Beautiful, beautiful. Rain or shine you can't take a bad picture in Scotland. The light is fantastic and the scenery made for a postcard. I really appreciate you doing the blogs.
Teresa R.

Rebecca Lynn said...

Oh, Iona Abbey! Adore. J'adore!

Terry Spear said...

Loved all of them especially the castle stalker. Something about that lonely little building really touched me. Love the rainbow too. I saw one on the trip to Atlanta with the storm clouds and rain in the airplane, but by the time I had my camera out, it was gone. How cool would that have been?

Tamara Hunter said...

I love these! All are beautiful, but my favorites are the view of Oban Bay and McCaig's Tower.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

It's difficult to choose which photo I like the best, but it I have to it would be the rainbow. We made it all the way to the end of Mull but didn't have the time to go over to Ione. Loved seeing what we missed. The same goes for the hike up to McCaig's Tower. Absolutely gorgeous photos that we are getting into the habit of enjoying. Thanks, Vonda. :)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, everyone! The rainbow is one of my favorites too. It stayed in the sky for a long time and was really huge. A lot of the heather is in bloom, especially between Ullapool and Durness. When we went in Sept. we didn't see much heather blooming. Maybe August is the peak?? Stalker is one of my favorites. I was hoping for different light this time, or maybe full sun, but it didn't happen. I love the green in Glencoe and the haunting atmosphere. That's neat about seeing the rainbow from the plane, Terry.
Thanks everyone for checking out the pics!

Ally Broadfield said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, as always. I've made it to England and Ireland, but hope to visit Scotland some day. Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa Holland said...

Amazing pictures, Vonda! I wondered what was inside McCraig's Folly. It's even prettier than I imagined and gorgeous views from there. I'd love to visit Oban and see the Abbey at Iona. Thanks for sharing!

Lana Williams said...

Love, love these pics! Makes me want to visit even more!

Cathleen Ross said...

Just lovely Vonna. Thanks so much.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, everyone! You guys would love visiting Scotland. Just be sure to have a good rain jacket. Yes, McCaig's Tower was wonderful. Yesterday we visited Isle of Lewis.