Starting a New Adventure

Things have been a bit crazy in the Niles’ household. Summer is in full swing, the kids are starting to get bored, and I have to juggle deadlines with the outside job and a house full of kids. Can you say mass chaos? LOL. 

Anyway, I have some exciting news to share. I recently signed with Maureen Walters with Curtis Brown. Having an agent contact me was such a surreal moment. But Maureen’s assistant had picked up a copy of Extreme Love and loved it. She made Maureen read it. She didn’t want to, lol. She told me she wasn’t really interested in reading a book with a cagefighter, but Elizabeth persisted and Maureen finally caved. And guess what? She loved it! She loved it so much, she wanted to see if I was represented by an agent. Which I wasn’t, and an offer was made.

Can I tell you how much I love Maureen? I have the hardest time talking to people inside the industry. I’m always consumed by nerves. I wasn’t with her. She’s so easy to talk to. It was like talking to an old friend.
Now I’ve signed with her and I’m getting ready to wade into a new genre. New Adult.  I really excited about the project I’m starting. It’s my first dip into first person. I LOVE writing in first person.  Maureen said I had a knack for it from my proposal about the series I want to write. It’s different than third. Way different. It’s almost like writing in a diary and so far the words seem to flow out of me.  Now, I’m not saying it’s easier. Nope. I have my worries. Right now the words are flowing. But I’ve always written in dual POV in third person.  Never from just one characters head for what will most likely span four books. Now a lot is going to happen in these four books, so hopefully that will make the writing a bit easier. But, I do worry about repeating. 

With third person, you always write the scene from the perspective of the character who has the most to lose.  In first, all the scenes will be from one character. That thought is a bit intimidating, especially when I’m going to be forced to show the other main characters possible thoughts and feelings through this one character. Scary. I’m up for the challenge though. Trying new things keeps writing interesting. :)

So that’s my quick update.  I am sooo ready for school to start, so I can get back into my routine.


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