Guest Blog: Inspiration is Everywhere – Really! by Lacey Savage

As a writer, I get asked this question more than any other: “Where do you get your ideas?” (My second most often asked question, by the way, is “When are you going to get a real job?” – but that’s a topic for a different post.)

I admit, even though I’ve been published for ten years, and writing full time for two of those, I still get stumped by this question. My honest answer – “Everywhere!” – doesn’t satisfy people. They think there’s some cosmic secret and I’m not willing to share. But the truth is, I really do get my ideas from everywhere.

I’ve written books based on a grain of inspiration I grabbed out of a bit of overheard conversation. I subscribe to magazines like The Smithsonian for no other reason than it’s an amazing idea mine. I recently wrote a book featuring a reality TV star, which came out of my love for all things reality TV. (Don’t judge me – you’ve got guilty pleasures too!)

A flash of inspiration that came to me while lying in bed one morning sparked my most recent release, COMING UNBOUND, which just came out last week from Ellora’s Cave. I imagined a married couple wanting to bring some heat back into their bedroom, and started to wonder how things could get complicated for them. I knew I had my story when I pictured the husband opening the door to what had previously been a run-of-the-mill suburban basement, and showing his wife the BDSM dungeon he’d had installed. Surprise!

If I had to dig deep, I’d say the grain of the idea came from the fact that I’ve been married for 14 years. These days, I find myself wondering whether my relationship with my husband is typical. Do other couples struggle with the same issues as us? Are they as happy as we are after all this time? Happier? So I set out to explore some of those topics in my books. And, well, I write erotic romance, so even though I was exploring fairly basic, day-to-day marriage issues in COMING UNBOUND, I did so alongside a heavy dose of kink and erotic behavior that most married couples I know would never indulge in. But that’s the fun of writing fiction, isn’t it? You start with a grain of truth, a bit of reality, and you spin it into a yarn that’s pure erotic fantasy – even when it’s set right here, in the real world.
Ginny and Cole have struggled to connect intimately since before their marriage. When Cole suggests they surprise each other with the most sexually daring things they can dream up for their anniversary, Ginny reluctantly musters every ounce of courage she possesses to get nipple piercings.

Cole’s surprise?

He’s turned their suburban basement into a dungeon—and hired a sexy Dom to teach them the art of BDSM.
Desperately in love with his wife, Cole’s aware of sensitive sexual demons in Ginny’s past, and will try anything to beat them. Whips, toys, ménage play with the Dom…all these and more could help Ginny find pleasure, break through her issues.

Or, if they’re not careful, possibly just break Ginny.

COMING UNBOUND is available at Ellora’s Cave:


Natasha Moore said...

Welcome to Fierce Romance, Lacey. Great post. And I love this cover! Looking forward to reading Coming Unbound. :)

Lacey Savage said...

Thanks so much for having me here, Natasha! And I love that cover, too... In fact, I love every cover I've ever had from EC. They've got tremendously talented cover artists over there -- and some very hot models!