Welcome Spring-Sort Of...

So you're saying it isn't spring yet? That Punxsutawney Phil is off by a few weeks?
As you can see, I'm ready for spring. The flowers, the feel of love in the air, the idea of Spring Break for my kids, etc. So why does it have to keep snowing? Aargh!
I'm also ready for the releases of my latest reprints in March and April, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
Are you ready for spring?
I know that sometimes spring brings the dreaded "spring cleaning," but it also brings relief from winter's dreariness.
My post will be short today, but it' s because I want to give you time to spend with your favorite books and to think about the beautiful season that lies just ahead.
What do you love about spring? Please do share. :)

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Terry Spear said...

I posted my first daffodil on my blog the other day, and I have jasmine purple flowers coming out. I love spring! But it means the heat will soon follow. :(