Things have been a bit quiet on my front the last two weeks. Not that I'm complaining. I've needed some downtime, because I know things are about to get really busy again.

My next round of edits for Extreme Love should show up in my inbox at the beginning of next week. I can't believe I'm almost two months away from release. It's been such a long road with this novel. A very, long, winding, full-of-potholes road. It's been worth it. I'm proud of the book. Proud of myself for never giving up on it.

My first Covet releases on March 4th. Just a week and half away. I'm excited about this one as well. Seriously, though, what author isn't excited about a release of her book? LOL. Hopefully, I will have a cover to share soon. I can't wait to see what the art department came up with for this story.

I'm so very close to finishing the third book of my Covet series. I think I have about 18k more to write. I don't think those will be 18,000 easy words though. I have a lot of ends to tie up. A who-done-it to reveal. And a HEA to make sigh worthy. My goal is to have this completed and in my editors hands by the middle of March.

Then it's on to the third story of my fighting series. I've have been waiting for over a year, in which time I have written three other contracted books, to start Mac's story. I'm going to have a ton of research because of the heroine's job. A part of me is scared to death about this one. My editor was through-the-roof excited over the proposal, and I hope I'm able to give her the same excitement over the finished product.

So busy times ahead.
How does everyone schedule look?

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