Let’s Talk Kissing

Any New Girl fans in the house?

What about Nick and Jess’ kiss last week?

It was long overdue, but well worth the wait. I loved the entire kiss, but two things really made me go, “Oh! Hell yeah!”

First, how Nick yanked Jess around after she’d turned to go back into her room. I have no idea what it is about a man grabbing a woman’s upper arm and yanking her back to him that is so hot, but Oh. My. God. It is.

The second thing was the way he pecked her lips with his twice AFTER he’d kissed her senseless. Like he had to go back for one more taste and that still wasn’t enough so he had to have another. I loved this! I’ve seen it done on other shows, and it works, of course, but it didn’t have me reaching for the remote to rewind. And, yeah, I rewound Nick and Jess about six times.

Why did it work more for me with Nick than any other male character on TV?

A lot does boil down to anticipation. That long wait we have as fans. The close calls. The tension that builds between the characters. Anyone remember when Beckett finally stopped fighting her feelings for Castle? Yeah, that was another rewind moment for me.

But I’ll go one step further with Nick.


If you watch the show, you know Nick is not a smooth-talking alpha male. I adore his character and have a major crush on him, but let’s face it, he’s not a McSteamy or McDreamy from back in the day. He’s not a dark, bad-boy vampire like Damon Salvatore. Nick is a thirty-something curmudgeon, who has about as much sexual finesse as Raj Koothrappali does. Yeah, Nick can talk to woman, but, really, there are times where the inability to speak around woman would actually benefit the poor man.

Yet, even with the way his character is portrayed, that kiss blew many others out of the water. At least for me. I saw a man who wanted to get his point across to a woman, and I think I was just as breathless as Jess was by the time he was done. It didn’t matter he’d spent the entire episode wearing a woman’s trench coat because it made him feel confident. He showed his confidence in that kiss. He showed there is an alpha lurking underneath that grumpy façade he wears. And I loved it!

So what about you? What kiss had you reaching for the remote just because you had to see it one more time?


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Anonymous said...

In the video game Dragon Age 2, there are several characters that can be romanced by the protagonist (Hawke, who is customizable and can be male or female). It's an interesting game, because time advances, so the protagonist knows the characters for several years.

I liked the romance involving a character named Anders. He's a nice person, but he's possessed by a kind of demon, and feels conflicted about starting a romance. When he and the protagonist finally kiss it's passionate, and what really stood out to me were the sexy groans he made. Nothing like moaning to show how into it somebody is. Link to a youtube video just before the kiss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4RZioLmkjko#t=35s