Happy Valentine's Day...Kind Of

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day and have ever since I was a kid. Even when I wasn't in a relationship, I got into the loving spirit. My family and I enjoyed sharing Valentine's candy (a sweet addiction!) and one of my earliest memories is of my mother and me making Valentines out of paper doilies for the rest of the family. It can be such a lovely holiday, and this year I want to share it with you. :)

In honor of Valentine's Day, my erotic short story, The Snow Job (description below), is now available on for $.99. I will leave it up all weekend to celebrate. It's available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Description: Working undercover, Para Marshall Marina Fareeky thinks her sham wedding day will end with her arresting the groom and most of the wedding guests, which would be a career coup. Just as she’s ready to walk down the aisle, a minion from the Para Marshall’s Office shows up and informs her a treaty with the vampyre clan means there’ll be no raid and no way to avoid her nuptials without exposing herself as a para marshall in a room full of the world's most dangerous paranormal criminals. Aleksi Nicholas, eldest son of the Nicholas vampyre clan, watches his reluctant bride shuffle toward him. He’s waited long enough, and now he intends to claim the heart of the woman who’d rather arrest him than bed him.

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