To-do's Finally Being Marked Off

This morning is morning three of the kids being back in school. I've gotten more accomplished on Monday and Tuesday than I have all summer. Alright, yes. I'm over-exaggerating, but it seriously feels like it.

This weekend I concentrated on finishing the second book in my MMA series. At 7:00 Sunday night I finally typed the words "The End." I can't tell what a relief it was to get that book off my desk. I felt like I couldn't start anything else on my to-do list because I was so close to the end of that one. And now it's done. I can't wait for everyone to meet Tommy. His is a story of redemption. I love those :)

Now I'm moving back to my other series I'm working for Entangled. My Covets. I have a lot to do here, lol. A lot of tearing my baby up and then patching him back together. Sigh. It's taking a lot of stewing, but I think I've figured out how I am going to tackle rewrites. I have a few scenes I have to completely cut  and then replace with brand spanking new ones. This always gives me heartburn, guys. LOL. It stresses me out. Doubt hits me tenfold every time I have to do this. I second guess each word, worrying I'm making it worse. Anyone else go through this with rewrites?

The other thing that is giving me heartburn (yeah, I'm popping the Tums a lot right now, lol) is proposals. Simply put: I. Hate. Them.

I have nothing else to say there.

So, all in all, the last four days have been very productive. I have this morning to work before my day job interferes. But unlike the rest of the summer, I'm not having five to six days between writing sessions. So Yay on that :)


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Gerri Bowen said...

I hear you, Abby. So much more accomplished, uninterrupted, no rushing. It's wonderful! I hope you accomplish all you set out to do. :)