Surprise Discovery at Sampson

A few weeks ago, my hubby & I went on a long weekend with friends. We camped at Sampson State Park, an old military base on Seneca Lake, one of New York State's Finger Lakes. We all love to go wine tasting & that was our primary plan for the weekend. But the guys took their bicycles and went exploring down the old abandoned roads on the old base.

Down one of the overgrown roads, they found an old family graveyard. It probably belonged to the family who owned the property overlooking Seneca Lake before it went to the government.

The four of us drove over later to take some pictures. This was our first view of the cemetery.

The graveyard had been fenced in at some point, but sadly, many of the gravestones have been broken.

As in many old cemeteries, many of the stones had been worn so badly that the names are not longer able to be read. But many of them still can be.

We wandered the cemetery for a while, reading off names and dates. My artistic friend wished she'd had paper to do some rubbings. While I, the writer, made up stories in my head about the people resting there. We both wondered if there was still family around who knew this graveyard was here.

Sometimes life can throw little surprises our way. Little treasures to spark conversation and imagination.

Have a great week.

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