Ready for my Shows!

It’s been a long summer. LONG summer. I think it feels longer this year because there has been absolutely nothing to watch on TV at night and that is how I unwind from the day. A glass of wine, a good show and then I’m ready for bed.

The only thing I’ve had going for me this summer has been True Blood (which IMHO has been really good). And that’s only one day of the week and now it’s even almost over.

To supplement, my roomie and I have watched a lot of movies. Some that were really good, some that found her put on movie probation and one that I willingly put myself on probation because I picked the horrible thing. God, it was disturbing. Just a word of wisdom: don’t pick a movie solely based on the fact your favorite vampire is in it. You’re just asking for trouble.

Anyway, I find myself longing for my shows.

I’m dying for Grey’s Anatomy to return. I was pissed off by the season finale in May, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting excited about its return in a few weeks. Who’s going to die? (I think I already know the answer to this one thanks to a certain tweet that was posted a few days ago). I want to know what’s going to happen with Christina and Owen. And how they are going to make it to where Alex stays. I thought I had that figured out, but the tweet sort threw a wrench in that thought.

I miss The Vampire Dairies. How is Elena going to react to being a vampire? How will she adjust? What does this mean for her and Stefan? Hell, her and Damon?

Then we have Once Upon a Time. The curse is broken. Everyone remembers. But what was that freaking dark fog rolling toward Storybrooke? Are we in for a second season of no one remembering? Honestly, that will infuriate me. I spent all last season waiting for them to all remember, and if all I get is 30 seconds of them going “I remember” to only have that fog obliterate their memory again, I’m going to be raging at the TV.

And then we have Big Bang Theory. My weekly belly-laugh show. This show is one I will watch re-runs of over and over again. But I’m ready for some fresh material. Some new Sheldon quotes to go around the house and say.

What show are you looking forward to returning?


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Unknown said...

Grimm starts Monday. I can't wait!